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UTSA Soccer Camps
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Q: What time will the trainings be offered?

5:00-6:00PM for grades 5 & 6
6:00-7:00PM for grades 5 & 6
7:00-8:00PM for grades 7 & 8


Q: When and how often will these clinics be conducted?

A: Trainings will be held on three Sundays each month. If necessary, a fourth Sunday will be used as a make-up date in the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, etc.

Q: Where will these trainings be held and who will oversee the training?

A: Trainings will be held at UTSA’s Park West soccer stadium. All training sessions will be conducted by UTSA coaches

Q: What to bring?

A: Players are expected to bring a positive and “ready to work” attitude, a pumped up soccer ball, water, cleats, and shin guards.  We will have a ball pump and a few extra balls on hand  

Q: How will training sessions be structured?

A: Technical based training (at game speed and intensity) including but not limited to... Attacking Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, Juggling, Defending, 1v1’s

Q: What if registration reaches its maximum capacity of 12 participants per group?

A: Additional applicants will be wait-listed and added if/when a spot becomes available

Q: How much will this ongoing Advanced Technical Training Program cost and where can I register?

A: The Advanced Technical Training Program fee will be $75/month, which will cover three training sessions. Registration must be made online at

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please refer additional questions to Jason Russell at